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How to move-on? Listen to Maine Mendoza’s inspirational advice

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Wow! Maine Mendoza is not only our Dubsmash Dueen but she’s also the Love Advice Queen. Listen how Maine gives advice about moving on during her Facebook live chat.

Eat Bulaga’s newest segment was the Facebook live chat where in Maine and Alden before are having a live conversation with the fans.

Maine had used the live chat several times, but in this segment she had the chance to share some life and love advice to the followers. She even greeted Wally Bayola a happy birthday, while he’s doing the Lola Nidora makeup.

In the video, Maine was telling the followers about what happened during their ‘Sugod Bahay’ segment. According to Maine the couple’s love story is so ‘nakakakilig’. After so much ‘kwentuhan’ and ‘kulitan’ with the staffs and the followers, someone gave a letter to Maine.

The letter came from a fan asking an advice on how to move on with someone whom she hadn’t have a relationship with. Maine asked the girl how much she love the guy because according to her when it come to moving on, we have different styles on how to deal with it and what works for us.

Maine joked the girl that in order for her to move on easily was to eat an ice cream. But in her serious side, Maine told the girl to first accept everything and think of the reasons why she should be moving on.

Her advice was to accept it first, because according to Maine it’s the first key on moving on and she said that everything happens for a reason. She then said a very deep quote, “feel the pain until it hurts no more”. It’s okay to feel the pain than fooling yourself that you have no feelings for him/her anymore but at the end of the day you’re still thinking about him/her.


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