Engineer's trick to remove ring stuck in finger

How to easily remove a ring that got stuck in your finger?

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Now that summer time is coming, there are more chances of that ring on your finger to get stuck. Did you know that heat causes blood vessels to expand and this in turn can cause a little puffiness on our fingers? Now you know why you may find it harder to remove your favorite ring during the summer.

But how do you remove a ring that got stuck in your finger without having to painfully cut off your finger or destroy the ring? Simply use a string!

Of course there are many home remedies for loosening a ring, like lubricating the finger with butter or margarine or using soap and cold water. But if you’d like a less messy, quicker at-home method, try this instead.

In what is called the string ring removal trick, you simply need to use a string (sometimes people would use dental floss) in order to remove it without any damage to both your finger and ring.


 A screenshot from the video.
The technique successfully removed the ring from the finger.


As is demonstrated in the video, all you have to do is string the floss under the ring, and wrap it around your finger. Then, unwind the floss to move the ring up your finger.


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