A woman fishing piranhas

How to catch Piranhas using bare hand and piece of meat

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Fishing is fun and relaxing, but catching a Piranha seems to be more interesting. These kind of fishes are known for their sharp teeth, powerful jaws, and they love eating meat.

On this amateur video, a girl catching piranhas by dipping a piece of raw meat in the water in Brazil using her bare hands.

Fishing Technique

The woman dips a piece of raw meat on the water full of live Piranhas. After waiting for the meat eating fishes to bite, she moves the meat out of the water with the fishes biting it and then put them in a container.

She repeated the process a few more times and captured many Piranhas using the piece of meat.


She captured so many Piranhas.
She captured so many Piranhas.


The Piranhas

These carnivorous fishes are found on South American rivers. They can grow up to seventeen (17) inches in length. They have sharp, triangular, pointed and blade-like teeth to tear down their food easily.

There are reported attacks from these fishes that resulted in death of people. Because of these, there are films produced showing the piranhas’ aggressive and flesh eating abilities.

What can you say about this girl’s amazing fishing technique?


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