Inside the sewing machine

How a Sewing Machine works, explained in an animated video

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Doing stitches manually by hands may take hours to finish a sewing workload. And most of the time, it’s not as sturdy as we want it to be. But with the invention of the Sewing Machines, everything went so fast.

Ever wonder how a sewing machine works? Here’s an amazing animation that demonstrate everything under the hood.

From the outside of the Sewing Machine, everything seems like a magic because with just one needle going inside and out of a small hole, it creates a solid foundation in every fabric that we bind.

So what’s really going on inside the machine? A big needle on top inserts a thread into a hole and then under the metal plate, the amazing scene happens.

A hook rotates in a perfect timing, capturing the thread that the needle inserts and then interlocks it with the thread inside it.

The two threads creates the strong bind between the layers of cloth that passed on the Sewing Machine.

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Source: Sewers Delight

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