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Hero Teacher walks for 2 hours, crosses 5 rivers to reach her students in Occidental Mindoro

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Being a teacher is not that easy. Read and be inspired by this story about a very dedicated Filipina teacher!

A Filipina teacher named Elizabeth Miranda puts her life in danger as she voluntarily walks 2 hours under the heat of the sun and crosses 5 rivers to the reach the young students in Sitio Barogante, Occidental Mindoro.

According to GMA News’ Front Row, teacher Elizabeth has to travel early even though it’s hot, cloudy or rainy. But sunny and cloudy days are great because the trails going to the school were dangerous especially when it’s raining.

Without any hesitation she would go through the running waters using only inflated interiors of tires just to avoid getting wet.

With the rivers having no bridges she could cross, she is forced to wade through or hire the services of the natives who bring salbabidas modified so she could sit inside while they swim frog style to push her across the rushing waters.


Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video


After a long hours of traveling and walking, she would reach the school of the village wherein there is only one classroom and she is the only teacher available for all the different levels of the student.

Teacher Elizabeth were very thankful that they are some locals who are willing to help her cross the river.

There also come a point where Teacher Elizabeth is doubtful and wants to quit already.

She was afraid that she can change things for the better in Sitio Barogante, especially the classroom is only a small hut and there are no any modern gadgets and educational tools.

With the continuing interests and positive attitudes of her students despite the lack of facilities, teacher Elizabeth is very positive that all her sacrifices will eventually pay off and that her students will learn from her.

Teacher Elizabeth should be claimed as a hero for her hard work and dedication in order to share the knowledge that she has to the students.

Kudos to you Teacher Elizabeth and to all the teachers out there who are very dedicated to their profession!


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