Stranded Shark at the beach shore

Great White Shark got stranded on the beach shore, saved by fearless beach-goers

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At the Cape Cod beach in Chatman, Massachussetts, a 2 meter long juvenile male shark was reported catching seagulls before getting himslef into some serious trouble. As the shore sudsided, it was left at the beach in just a shallow puddle on the sand.

According to the local news outlet WCVB Boston, an eyewtiness named Kelly Skannell said, there was no way for the shark to get where it could possibly swim. So, it just kept on flapping and moving over.

There was a moment of silence when the great white shark stopped moving which made it seemed like it was dead.

Fortunately, the beachgoers at the scene help the great white shark to stay alive by splashing it with buckets of water.

Another eyewitness named Isabel Hedland reported, “What we did once it was completely beached is throw buckets of water, because we thought that would sort of help keep it alive.”

When the Marine Officials came, they helped the great white shark out of the sand by tying a rope around its tail and gentle pulled it into the sea. Though the shark shows no response and was not moving much, the Marine Officials still took extreme precaution when they were around it.

Using a boat, they helped led the great white shark farther from the shoreline.

According to the Marine biologist Greg Skomal, who was one of the people who helped rescue the shark, what the beachgoers did about the incident was the right thing.

By splashing water to the great white shark will help keep its body tissues alive and gills pumping. This will enable the shark to maintain its breathing for at least longer time.


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