Giant Salamander in Japan

Giant Salamander walks around the streets of Japan

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Have you seen this giant creature roaming in Japan? This rare beast was disturbed and now roaming around the river banks.

In Kyoto, Japan the residents witness a walking giant Japanese salamander along the river banks of Kamo River.

This species can grow up to five feet. Most of them are living in a cool running river with lots of rock where they can stay and find shelter. They can also live in waterways of urban areas because they are adaptable to pollution.

However, this is a different case for this lonely salamander because he is far out of the water. Scientist confirms that this one was lost and there are no more rocks to hold because of the concrete that was put on the side of the waterways.

Fun facts about Salamanders: Did you know that there are only 500 species of this amphibians.


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