Sweet dog doesn't want his buddy to get cooked

German Shepherd protects his Lobster friend from being cooked

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Dogs are man’s best friend, but it can also be a lobster’s best friend.

Sami, a German shepherd, is trying to protect a lobster from the boiling pot.

As Sami’s owner as him to give up her new friend, the dog whines and covers the lobster with her head and legs.

Sami’s owner wrote in the video’s description,

I’ve seen it with babies, kittens, even my pet snake.

When her owners tries to get the lobster from her, she started to throw some tantrums, she was surrounded the lobster, and refused to let anyone take it away even his dog friend.

Though her family laughed, Sami cried and licked the lobster.

Laughing can be heard off camera during the 30-second clip as the family tries their best to retrieve their dinner.

According to the owners, Sami had similar maternal behavior when the family cat had kittens, and would watch over them to ensure their safety.

But a dog trainer said that everyone completely misinterpreted the video.

She knows the lobster is not her puppy. It is a living piece of food, basically,

said Andrea Kilkenny, a professional dog trainer and owner of Our Gang Pet Services, a pet training company based in New Jersey.

“In dog language this is ‘resource guarding,'” she added. “She’s not protecting it from harm.”

According to Kilkenny, the situation could have turned dangerous. Even though Sami has his “good self control”, he might be aggressive when people attempt to take the object away.

She also saw when Sami curls her lip upward and bares her teeth at the other canine.

Dogs will guard something because there is pressure from another animal,

Kilkenny told HuffPost.

The family adopted another German shepherd puppy a couple months after the video was taken. They named the puppy Gunny. And they have reportedly been inseparable ever since.


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