Super Tekla as Mukha-mo Huston

Funny Super Tekla as Mocha-mo Huston on Sunday PinaSaya

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It is a known fact that Mocha-mo Huston is one of the loyal supporters of President Dugong, however what made Mr. Juterte doubt her?

In this episode of Itanong mo kay President Dugong which is segment of Sunday Pinasaya show, there will be 4 Kapuso Drama Stars who are given the opportunity to ask questions to the President.

The first Kapuso star is Thea Tolentino who is one of the main characters in the daily drama series “Haplos”, which is a Romantic Fantasy drama that replaced D’Originals.

The second Kapuso star who will be asking question is Gil Cuerva, he is the love interest of Steffi Chavez that is being played by Jennylyn Mercado in the primetime series “My Love from the Stars”, a popular Korean drama series which was adapted by GMA Network.

The third Kapuso star is Kris Bernal who is the main character of the GMA Afternoon Prime program, “Impostar” in which she plays a dual role.

Last Kapuso star to ask question is Ruru Madrid who will be co-star with Dingdong Dantes in the second book of the hit Action series “Alyas Robinhood”.


Screen captures from GMA Network Youtube channel


After introducing the Kapuso guests, President Dugong greeted the audience with his usual tone and personality, when unexpectedly the announcer of the show announced the arrival of Mocha-mo Huston which surprised everyone including President Dugong.

Mocha-mo Huston was played by the popular comedienne Super Tekla.


Screenshots from GMA Network Youtube channel


Upon seeing Mocha-mo Huston, the President couldn’t believe his eyes about the new transformation of Mocha, which made him doubt about who this Mocha really is.

Anyway, the show must go on. The guests proceeded to ask questions to the President. However before they asked the president they wanted to provide some tips and suggestion to him first.

The first to talk was Thea Tolentino. She suggested a 3 different ways on how the president can improve his gestures in waving to the public people. President Dugong’s favorite was the “Kaway Bae”. After the suggestion, Thea asked the President her question if he thinks Witches now a days still exist? Find out how the president answered this question which was totally hilarious!

Second to ask and give suggestion was Gil Cuerva. He suggestion new outfit that the president should start wearing to be more charming to the public eye. After showing the suggested outfit, Gil throw in the question of “How will I disclose or let Steffi know that I am an Alien?”. Of course the presidents response was totally out of this world and it will be worth it to find out yourself how he responded to this.

Third Kapuso star to ask was Kris Bernal. She did not provide any suggestion to the president and asked the question of what is the solution on Nimfa’s situation now that Rosette wanted to go back to her family? Hmmm… it would be interesting to find out how the President reacted to this.

Last to ask question and give suggestion was Ruru Madrid. His suggeston is on how the President can improve his speech to be more child friendly and remove the bad words. Ruru’s question was if the President thinks there are still real life Robinhood in this world?


Screenshots from the YouTube channel of GMA Network


I am not going to spoil the fun by writing it up. Watching the video is definitely worth your time. Enjoy!


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