Alma Moreno and Karen Davila parody

Funny parody of Alma Moreno and Karen Davila senatorial interview

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Who wouldn’t remember the totally awkward viral television interview of Karen Davila with the actress-turned politician Alma Moreno?

The interview had been a hot trending topic on social media because online viewers thought that it is completely awkward and uncomfortable because of how Alma Moreno’s answered the question thrown at her concerning reproductive health and her advocacy on women are completely awkward and uncomfortable.

They have created their newest spoof called, AlDav, The segment is a parody of Karen Davila’s controversial interview of Alma Moreno from the ANC show Headstart in a form of a game show. It was aired on Christmas of 2015.

The idea of the title seemed to pun of the famous Eat Bulaga love team, AlDub. Starring in the spoof was Michael V as Karen Aguila, parody of ABS-CBN newscaster Karen Davila and Betong as Thelma Moreno, Parody of actress-politician Alma Moreno.

Karen Aguila started off the show by explaining the mechanics of the game. Then she introduced the contestant, Thelma Moreno.

Karen asked Thelma random questions which she was able to answer. Though Thelma keeps giving illogical answers, the judges kept on accepting them. This made Karen really irritate but she kept calm and composed. The scene gets funnier every question!

Then when Thelma gave out wrong answer but the judges thought it was still acceptable. Karen was hilariously vocal that she was getting annoyed on Thelma because her every answer where mere luck.

For the last question worth 1 million pesos, Karen bluntly said that she won’t be asking Thelma if she is ready because she knows the contestant is not. The question given was very hard which needed a specific answer.

Unfortunately, on Karen’s side, Thelma was able to answer it correctly!

The spoof got funnier because they used lines and words from the actual viral interview of Karen Davila and Alma Moreno such as “Kailangan ko pa bang sagutin yan” and “reservations”.

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