Giant Rat in London

“Four-feet long giant Rat” found near a playground in London

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A giant rat was found near a playground in London. Dubbed as a ‘monster rat’, it was said to weigh 25 lbs. and claimed to be four-feet long. It was found by a 46-year-old gas engineer named Tony Smith.

He had asked his electrician friend named James Green to hold the rat so he could take a photo of it because he said nobody would believe him if he didn’t have a photo of it.

According to the pest controllers, they believed that this specie of rat was called a grasscutter or cane rat, which was could be usually found throughout Africa to which some African countries eat them. Hence, the pest controllers are worried that they are being illegally sold as a delicacy in London as it happened before back in 2012 wherein illegal rat meat was being sold on the Ridley Road market in east London.

However, some contest that this was only a perspective trick and said that the rat was only about two-feet long and only weighed about 19lbs, which was the average size of a grasscutter rat.

What do you think? Is this ‘monster rat’ for real?

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