Bai Matabay Plang

Filipino belts out Air Supply’s “Having You Near Me” effortlessly

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Using a low-tech camera and shot in what seemed like the front of a sari-sari store, three friends, two holding guitars, hold a jamming session of some sort.

You don’t know what to expect, but surely, when the guy wearing a blue shirt opened his mouth and started singing Air Supply’s “Having You Near Me”, you were pleasantly surprised.

And as the song progresses, you notice that this guy’s voice is so amazingly on point with Air Supply’s version and he sings so effortlessly (sitting down and even unmindful of the people talking around him) that you can’t stop listening!

By the end of the video, you hear a guy saying “ayos” (nice) in the background. But by now I’m sure you (and the couple thousand people who had viewed this video) think his voice was more than nice – it was great!

Referring to their group as Bai Matabay Plang or BMP in short, BMP is a group of teenagers from North Cotabato that had since then joined a contest in a Filipino noontime show, and had made more viral videos that garnered millions of views up their sleeves.

The person who is singing in the video is Jhong Madaliday who joined the singing competition on GMA Network, “The Clash”. He placed as a runner-up captured the hearts of the viewers with his epic renditions of various songs.

Mabuhay ang talento ng mga Pinoy!


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