Extreme flash flood washes through a mall in China

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Extreme weather conditions became more and more common nowadays, from a very dry El Nino phenomena to the watery and windy world of La Nina.

Sometimes a summer season can be wet and the rainy season becomes hot and humid and sometimes no cyclones. The typhoons became stronger, bringing powerful pack of howling winds and carries massive rains that causes destruction of houses, bridges and trees.

Landslide, storm surge, thunderstorm and flash floods are some of the disastrous effects of the changing weather conditions.

Just like what happaned last June 2016, a massive flooding engulfed the Jinan City of eastern China. There are video footages uploaded on the internet that shows how destructive the flood and rain that happened on the city.

One of the video, uploaded by Fora De Controle on YouTube, captured inside the Ginza Shopping Center shows how strong the rain was that created the flood with strong currents passing on the underground level of the said mall. The employees are still inside the mall, trying to save some merchandise that were washed away by the strong flow of water.

The storm was responsible for some number of deaths on the region and almost 500,000 people were evacuated due to the extreme flooding.


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