Yamini Karaman's tumor

‘Evil twin sister’ found in a woman’s brain during surgery

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Yamini Karaman a Ph.D. student at Indiana University figured there was something wrong when she wouldn’t “understand what was happening” when a couple of people were just “talking in room”.

In Los Angeles Skull Base Institute the plans were main to surgically remove the tumor that the doctors thought Yamini had in her brain. But they made an extremely rare discovery in the process.

Inside Yamini’s brain the surgeons found a teratoma. It was her actual ’embryonic twin’. The tumor resembled a fetus and even had teeth, bones and hair.

Most teratomas contain teeth, bones, and hair but in some cases, these tumors have eyes, hands, feet, limbs, or torso.

Yamini refers the tumor as her “evil twin sister who’s been torturing me for the past 26 years”.

Dr. Hrayr Shahinian of the Skullbase Institute said that it was only his second time to encounter teratoma out of 8,000 brain tumors he has removed.

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