A Mother's Sacrifice

Egyptian Mother disguised as a Man to work and support her family

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Mother’s love is truly unconditional!

An Egyptian woman decided to dress like a man for 40 years in order to support her daughter. Sisa Abu Daooh has a unique way of supporting her family.

Sisa lives a few kilometers from Luxor, upper Egypt’s provincial capital. She decided to live like a man, shaved her head, wore a turban and goes to work.


Luxor, Egypt
Luxor, Egypt


She claimed that her decision to live like a man made her happy. It protects her from sexual harassment and can do the activities that a woman can’t do.

After revealing her true identity, A lot of people were surprised but mostly greeted with a positive reaction. They always seen her as a man.


Sisa Abu Dooah's nephew
Sisa Abu Dooah’s nephew


Some family members refuse to speak to her, friends and other family members gave their support on her secret.

Mohamed Al Arabi (Sisa Abu Dooah’s newphew) said during his interview

When they started doing it, her brothers and sisters were upset. They cut her off and stop visiting her.

Her story reached Egypt’s president and she received a certificate for exceptional Motherhood. She won the Best Mom award for her dedication to her daughter.

In spite of receiving the award, she still opted to continue her life as a man and continue to support her family.

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