The Winner's friend tagged as Neneng Side Comment

Kaibigan ng Winner, panay ang sagot maski hindi tinatanong (Eat Bulaga)

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It was really hilarious whenever Jose, Wally and Paolo jokes with the Sugod Bahay winner, but with this episode, the Dabarkads meets a woman who loves to “join a conversation” or to make “singit” even when Jose and the rest interviews the winner.

When the trio entered the house of the winner, a woman welcomed them and introduced herself as the friend of the winner.

Jose known for being a joker and ‘malakas mangasar’ keeps on telling the woman to just stay at that side and stop commenting.

And then Jose joked and dubbed her as ‘Neneng Side Comment’. Then while interviewing the winner about her and his husband, ‘Neneng Side Comment’ said something about the winner and his husband.


Screenshot from the video.
Screenshot from the video.


Jose joked again and said that her name is Aling Paki, when asked why Paki, because she was ‘pakielamera’ said Jose. When everyone laughs, ‘Neneng Side Comment’ pushed Jose’s head.


Neneng side comment hits Jose's head because of the funny moment.
Neneng side comment hits Jose’s head because of the funny moment.


During the entire interview with the Sugod Bahay winner, ‘Neneng Side Comment’ keeps on talking and talking that makes Jose tease her and jokes about her. It was one of Eat Bulaga’s super funny segment because of how good comediennes JoWaPao are.


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