Sugod Bahay Winner living in a Jeepney

Eat Bulaga Winner who lives in a Jeepney with his family

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Many Filipinos now are struggling with their lives. Some lives under the bridge, and some are just living on the sidewalk. Thanks to Eat Bulaga who are very willing to help and make other Filipino’s lives better. Watch the story of this family who lives in a jeepney for almost five years!

One of Eat Bulaga’s segment, the Sugod Bahay, where the hosts from the studio would draw an entry from a box containing the registration form of the residences from the chosen barangay that they visited for that day. Afte calling the winner to confirm their name and address, the hosts Jose and Wally with Maine would go to their house and have a short interview about his/her life, family, wealth, health and others.

With that segment, Eat Bulaga have already helped so many people all over the Philippines, from Luzon to Mindanao. One of it’s episode last Saturday, May 14, a lucky winner was given a chance to give his family a better life.


(Part 1 of Sugod Bahay Winner na nakatira sa Jeep, scroll down for the continuation.)


When Vic Sotto from the Broadway picked his name, Wally and Jose immediately went to see him and were surprised that he was actually living inside the jeepney. At first they though he was a jeepney driver, but when they checked what’s inside the jeep they saw that it was really a house.


(Part 2 of Sugod Bahay Winner na nakatira sa Jeep, scroll down for the continuation.)


The Sugod Bahay winner, Ramon David is a tricycle driver who was living inside the jeepney for five years with his wife and three children. Before he was living in Marikina but there house got flooded so they returned to Sampaloc and borrowed his brother’s jeepney to make their shelter.

There babies were made from the jeepney! According to Mang Ramon, they were just ‘nakiki-paki’ the electricity from the neighbor so that they could have a TV and electricfan.

It was really a touching story of a family who sticks together no matter how hard their life is.


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