Deadpool as the singing Unicorn

Deadpool actor competes in South Korean singing show in a unicorn mask costume

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Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds surprised Korean fans after appearing on South Korean singing reality show “King of Masked Singer”.

Donned in a rainbow unicorn masked, Reynolds took the stage performing “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie.

While singing, audience and celebrity panel are evidently keenly observing who the masked singer is.

And after his okayish performance, Reynolds removed his mask and first reveals himself to the audience then to the celebrity panel.

The reveal prompted the celebrity panel to jump on their feet and scream in amusement and excitement. One even shouted, “Get me a photo, get me a photo” while others took a selfie with Reynolds at the background.

During the interview after removing his mask, Reynolds thanked the show and the audience for the experience. He also said sorry for his performance prompted the audience and the panel to laugh.

Reynolds also sarcastically called out one of the panels who thought him as Donald Trump.

The Hollywood celebrity was in South Korea to promote his latest film “Deadpool” where he played the lead character, Wade Winston Wilson.

(Watch the revelation video below)

Back to his interview at King of Masked Singer, Reynolds was asked if he felt nervous during his performance. He said yes and even jokingly shared he was wearing adult diapers all along eliciting laughter from the panel

“Yes absolutely… I am wearing an adult diaper,” he answered.

In the end, he again thanked the show and the fans for inviting him to South Korea and for pushing him to the limit with his singing.


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