Redford White and Babalu impersonated by Roadfill and RJ Padilla

Bubble Gang casts impersonates Redford White and Babalu

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Redford White and Babalu are two of the legendary comedians of the Philippines. They have blockbuster movies like “I do? I die? (D’yos ko day)”, “Tong tatlong tatay kong pakitong kitong” and “Haba-baba-doo! Puti-puti-poo!”

One of their iconic movie scence is their job hunting sketch. They tried applying to any available jobs but they always ending up to the company owner who they had a bad impression.

On August 7, 2015, in a Bubble Gang episode, the show parodied the popular “Job Hunting” sketch of the two comedians. But this time, RJ Padilla will reprise the role of Redford White and Roadfill will do the role of Babalu.


Applying for a Water Refilling Station job

RJ Padilla as Redford Jr. and Roadfill as Babaless.
RJ Padilla as Redford Jr. and Roadfill as Babaless.


The two are getting tired and hungry looking for a job, on their way they found a Water Refilling Station and asked if they can have something to drink.

Unfortunately, the staff are a bit rude and questioned their intentions of drinking a purified water for free.

The Redford Jr. and Babaless caught in a cat fight with the staff, good thing the store manager showed up stopped fight.

The two asked if the can apply for a job, and the manager quickly asked them to take the test. The two agreed and as they start their duty, something came up that the two didn’t expect.

What do you think of the effort of RJ and Roadfill in impersonating the legends? Is it good or bad? Please leave your thoughts on the comment section below. Thank you.

Sources: Video by GMA Network on YouTube


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