Man fires a weapon at himself

Brave Man fires a weapon at himself underwater for a Science experiment

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On the movies, we usually see bad guys firing at the main character who incidentally jumped into the water to escape them.

They keep on shooting at the lake or river hoping that they can harm the protagonist under the water. But can their bullets really do harm the escaping character?

On this epic science experiment of physicist Andreas Wahl, he will put his life in front of the weapon to show the difference in resistance.

 A screenshot from the video.
Andreas Wahl counting down for his experiment

A big shooting weapon was submerged in a swimming pool, and he stand in front of it and pointing it on his body.

 A screenshot from the video.
The scene before the epic experiment.

He counted down and pulled the trigger, what happens next is so amazing that he, himself was surprised with the results.

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Source: NRK Viten on YouTube


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