Her BF doesn't want to kiss

Funny moment when Boyfriend refuses to Kiss on Cam

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Knicks vs. Houston Rockets game at Madison Square Garden Thursday, retaliated with a shocking move by kissing another guy, a stranger, sitting next to her.

The rules of the Kiss Cam are simple but immutable: if the Kiss Cam catches you with its roving, all-seeing eye, you must obey the law of the Kiss Cam and kiss the person next to you. If you do not obey, you face the fury and shame of thousands of fans.

I was filming because this was my first basketball match and it was a normal kiss cam until this happened. At first people were shouting and laughing because he was ignoring her but when she kissed the other guy everyone went crazy cheering and laughing

said Hugo Davies, the guy who took the video.

The Kiss-Cam captured the moment the woman and the stranger snuggled up for a kiss. The entire stadium erupted in cheering, hooting, and laughter. And not until he was being cuckolded in public did the boyfriend look up from his phone. He glared in anger and disbelief at his girlfriend enjoying a passionate kiss with a stranger while the crowd went crazy, cheering.


The other couple followed the trend by kissing on cam.


Davies added that the act seemed “spontaneous,” and that the woman’s boyfriend “was bright red for the rest of the game.”

The kiss-cam could be a prank set up by the Knicks, but it’s a prank with a clear message: Obey the Kiss Cam. Obey its omniscient eye.

Video uploaded by Daily Dose of Fun on YouTube.


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