Parakeet mourning the loss of a friend

Bird won’t let its dead friend get thrown out, a heart-breaking moment

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“Promised we’d be friends till the day we die”, this bird proved it!

A video clip of a heart-breaking footage showing a budgerigar mourning the death of her friend and having a hard time to bid goodbye, has been circulating in the internet today.

The video was said captured in by the owner of the two birds from Turkey. He had filmed the sad moment when he was trying to take the dead bird away.

But as the owner tries to wrap the dead bird, the very determined budgerigar tries to get back her friend by attempting to bite the owners fingers.

As her friend wrapped up in tissue, the bird repeatedly pecks at the other, as if trying to revive him.


Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video


But the bird does not seem ready to let go just yet and almost gets wrapped up with the dead bird in his refusal to move away.

As the owner completely wrapped up the dead animal in a kitchen tissue, the yellow budgerigar tries to look for her dead friend inside the tissue.

Once the dead budgerigar is secured within the piece of kitchen roll the bird jumps up on top of it and chases his owner’s hand away.


Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video


The owner feels sorry for the yellow bird, he put the dead bird back into the table so the yellow bird can say her final goodbye to her friend.

A lot of people have been sharing the video all over the social media, saying it shows the depths of affection birds can feel, and that they also mourn when their loved ones die just like how people mourn for our loved ones.

The video clip has been viewed more than 240,000 times. A number of users also shared their thoughts in their comments.

Probably mates more so than friends…which just breaks my heart even more, said DerpinPony

Jordan Rogers wrote:

As a current bird owner, I can confirm that parrots are some of the most emotional animals out there,


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