Kwarta O Kahon game on KMJS

Betong and Boobay’s funny version of “Kuarta o Kahon”

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Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho) featured a special throwback episode last April 20, 2014.

#KMJS tackled the roots of the popular game shows like Laban O Bawi, Meron O Wala, Willie of ForTune and many more. The show that started it all, the Family: Kuwarta o Kahon which runs from 1962 to 2001.

#SentiSunday Episode

Amazing Betong Sumaya and the Trending Beki, Boobay hosted the KMJS version of “Kwarta O Kahon”.

The show taped its game show in Barangay Masambong in Quezon City. Their first game for the audience is “Mahiwagang Tunog”, the player must recognize the mysterious sound.

And for the main game, two families will compete with each other for a cash prize or a surprise item inside the box. The first round is “Gulong ng Talampakan”, the team member will put a tire interior on his/her feet and will walk through the obstacles and back to the base, walking backwards.

The second round is almost the same as the first one, but this time they will put the bucket on their head. The winner will play the jackpot round, the “Roleta ng Kapalaran”.


Boobay and Betong as the hosts of KMJS Kwarta O Kahon
Boobay and Betong as the hosts of KMJS Kwarta O Kahon


On the jackpot round, the family will spin the roulette and whatever letter the roulette will stop, that will be the box that they will bid on. Since the episode is a throwback, the starting bid for the jackpot prize is P20.

While on the middle of bidding, Betong joked that he’s not good in Mathematics so adding more money to the cash prize confuses him. The pot money is P480, he added P220, Boobay answered “P600”. And Betong replied…

Okay ka lang ba? Hindi ka ba pinakain ng ating mga sponsors? 480 + 220 = 600? Pati ako nalito na rin! Ha ha ha…

Sources: Video by GMA Public Affairs on YouTube, Image screenshots from the video


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