A mother showing her tummy moving

Baby actively moving inside Mother’s belly

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One of the many wonders of the human body is child rearing and child birth. According to some women, the most exciting part of the pregnancy is when they feel the flutters of the baby kicking inside their belly as it is a reassurance that the baby is alive and developing inside them.

In the video below, a woman captures on video a footage of her pregnant friend lounging on the beach in her bikini. She zooms in to her huge belly so what she is able to capture the kicks, jabs and elbows of the baby girl inside her friend.

The soon-to-be mom to the baby girl points out on where she feels the jabs for her friend to see. The friend reacts with surprised gasps and “oh my God” as she is astonished with the fetal movements of the child inside the stomach.

Watch the video and be amazed at the wonderful surprises pregnancy (such as the one in the video) can bring to mothers!


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