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Awesome Filipino Kids beatboxing and rapping in a mall entrance

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Beatboxing is an amazing talent because not everyone can do it perfeclty. Not everyone can mimic the bass thumping sound of a beat.

And when it comes to rapping, not everyone can say words fast clearly in the right tune. It’s also a gift to all the rappers to say the tongue twister words easily.

A Facebook User uploaded a video of three Filipino kids showcasing their amazing talents in front of a small crowd outside a mall.

On The video, the kid wearing a red shorts started singing a song. Then the tallest kid of the three, who’s wearing a light green shorts started mixing an amazing beatbox to the song. And of course, last but not the least, the third kid inserted a powerful and inspirational words with his melodic rap.

They covered the song “Mangarap Ka” (by Batang Maligaya), the song tackles the different obstacles in this generation’s life and dreams. A song is charged motivational and inspirational words that encourages the youth to keep on reaching their goals in life.

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