Avoid using your phone before sleep

Avoid using your mobile phone before sleep to prevent health problems

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What will happen if you constantly checking your Facebook even going to bed?

Do you regularly check your FB before going to bed?

Scientist believes that checking your Facebook account on your electronic device before going to bed will leads to a serious physical and mental health problems.

Electronic devices like your smartphones emit a blue light. The blue light is a part of daytime where it can damage your sleep cycle and lower your melatonin. Melatonin is a substance in our body that helps you go to sleep.

Also using mobile phones while sleeping can leads to cataracts, sleep disturbance that can cause breast and prostate cancers.

These devices, like mobile and computers are already part of our daily routine. However, we should lessen the usage of it especially during the night. Sometimes wearing glasses can help because it blocks the blue light and limiting the radiation.

References: Image screenshot and video from Science Insider


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