A frozen Moose

Animals found frozen in ice due to extreme cold

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Animal victims to the freezing temperature have fought their way to live but failed miserably.

Winter brings drastic cold which sometimes caught people off guard – and animals too. From fishes to foxes they were all frozen solid and mummified in thick ice blocks.

Youtube user billchannel posted the documentary “Animals found frozen in ice” where he showed a few animals buried in ice.

Animal ice deaths: How extreme cold affects poor animals in the world

One heartbreaking scene to see is a fox that seems to be trying to cross a river – frozen dead, half body buried in ice.

There were some cases, where the entire buried carcasses of the animals that have been shrunken and dehydrated down to a likely mummified state.

In the lighter side, buried carcasses of an unusual animal can actually help researchers answer several questions about the existence of the specific specie such as how and how long they lived, their relationship to the other animals as well as the animals that live today.

A poor fox from Norway never got out of the water.
A poor fox from Norway never got out of the water.

There is also one uplifting moment in Siberia when a fortunate moose, which is freezing to death, was successfully rescued by a couple of men who were just passing by.

Youtube user bill is undecided whether this phenomenon shows that there is no such thing as worsening global warming or it is just a glitch and we are in fact on our way to an even hotter planet.

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