Blind man and a street kid singing

Blind Man and Street Kid covers Jessie J’s hit single, “Price Tag”

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The Philippines is truly a land of talented people.

Just like in the video below, where this blind man and garbage boy sat down to entertain a small audience with their rendition of Jessie J’s “Price Tag.”

According to the post, they are from Cebu City. The poster also stated how their talents were truly precious and priceless. And we agree as it is surely amazing how the blind man, who we found out was called Wawang, learned how to play the guitar despite his disability and how the boy was able to happily sing despite his situation.

The YouTube post has garnered over one million views and had commenters praising them for their talent, with one saying that the Philippines was the land of singers.

Watch the video and hear their amazing talent!


Jessica Ellen Cornish

Popularly known as Jessie J, is a singer and songwriter born and raised in London, United Kingdom. Some of her popular hits includes “Price Tag”, “Domino”, “Laserlight” and “Flashlight”.

She became one of the judges of the popular singing competition, The Voice UK and The Voice Australia.


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