Tiny worm-like creatures on sea surface

A man encountered a group of “worm-like slimy creatures” on the sea surface

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Only a small percent of the ocean has been explored by scientists, and not all sea creatures are known because its hard to monitor the underwater world.

A video uploaded by Sport Fishing Asia on YouTube shows a group of “worm-like slimy creatures” swimming on the surface of the sea.

The boat reached a location where there’s something like trash floating on the water but as they passes by, they had a chance to clearly see that these things are alive and swimming in groups.

According to the caption on the video,

Anyone know what those are in the video? There are thousands of them floating in many batches on the sea surface not far from the shores of Kuala Rompin.

Some commenters said that they might be a lamprey and another one suggests that those moving animals might be “Newly hatched eels“.

The ocean world is really mysterious because there are still more animals hiding in a place where the humans can’t explore. But maybe in the coming years, there will be new technologies to help us understand and study how these amazing things develop in the ocean.

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