Boy got something inside his ear

A little boy thought he has a pencil stuck in his ear but it was something else entirely

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Little boys often get into all sorts of mischief, whether it’s something outrageous like jumping out of a tree or something a little more subtle like eating grass.

And like other little boys, Louis King took a trip to the emergency room because he had apparently stuffed a pencil down to his ear canal. However, with the fear of getting into trouble, he waited over a week before he told his grandmother.

One Louis got into the ER, he seemed fine and when the doctor had a look at him, it was revealed that it was in fact not a pencil stuffed in his ear canal.

The doctor dug into Louis’ ear and found a small watch battery. Eventually it was pulled out and Louis’ grandmother seemed not surprised at all. As most parents would do, she just shrugged it off.

Louis' grandmother
Louis’ grandmother

Unfortunately the circumstance was with a consequence. Louis had ruptured his eardrum. And when your eardrum is ruptured, it may result to permanent loss of hearing. In the case of Louis, the damage was minimal and should heal in a matter of weeks.


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